Artist's incredible oil paintings of food look good enough to eat! Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay, 58, has spent the last 25 years perfecting his craft, is considered one of the most important painters working the field of 'mega-realism' which is part of the global art movement of hyper realism. His paintings sell in the 50,000 dollar range!

A feast for the eyes: Artist's incredible oil paintings of food look good enough to eat

Tjalf Sparnaay's Photorealistic Food Paintings Will Make Your Stomach Growl (PHOTOS)

Food, Glorious Food!

ART: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay London-based artist Tjalf Sparnaay is known for his near perfect oil paintings of everything from sandwiches and Coke cans to fries and.

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Food for thought: Take a bite out of hyper-real food paintings

Cultura Inquieta - Tjalf Sparnaay

"Sandwiches" is an oil painting by artist Tjalf Sparnaay. Tjalf Sparnaay often paints typically Dutch or American objects and it doesn't get any more Dutch than a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles for lunch!

Tjalf Sparnaay

Outstanding oil on canvas paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay, a self-taught artist based in Amsterdam

Cultura Inquieta - Tjalf Sparnaay

Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay has painting food since These are not, however, your regular run of the mill paintings. Tjalf Sparnaay says: I hope my paintings will allow the viewer to re-experience reality, to re-discover the

Broodje gezond II

Peintre : Tjalf Sparnaay et sa nourriture hyperréaliste