Lifesavers. Anne Abgott. Created through use of water colours. I like it because the use of colours is very good as is the detail she has achieved using watercolours. I also like how within each colour there are so many other tones to make up the finished product.

CANDY~ LIFESAVER ART:This is always a successful project. Paint your favorite candy! Looks like HS but I'm sure adaptable to younger grades.

watercolor of a chosen everyday object.

watercolor painting of still life. I have pinned this pin because it relates to the still life work we are dong in class. It demonstrates different shades and colors making it seem alive

Daryl Gortner Art | Gortner Paintings at Skidmore Contemporary Art

Daryl Gortner "Stacked" oil on canvas, x - Gortner Paintings at Skidmore Contemporary Art

claes oldenburg - Google Search

Day 6: Claes Oldenburg

Dropped Cone by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen located at Neumarkt Galerie, Cologne, Germany

Janet Fish - Untitled

Artist: Janet Fish (American, b. Title: Untitled, 1969 Medium: oil on canvas Size: x 107 cm

Artodyssey: Charles Bell

Charles Bell, Gum Ball “Sugar Daddy”, 1975 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Courtesy Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York Photo:Kristopher McKay © Charles Bell

Audrey Flack “Chanel”  Flack creates still life paintings using objects representative of specific individuals. What character trait might each object symbolize?

Audrey Flack - "Chanel" - 1974 - My absolute favourite of Flack's works

nicola_freeman- sculpture

Nicola Freeman giant love hearts and other candy love inspiration pop art contemporary installation for valentines day fun

I think this artwork is very unique. I've always had a particular liking to pop artists such as Claes Oldenburg.

Soft Fur Good Humors, Fake fur filled with kapok; wood painted with enamel x x cm)