Creative idea for gardening. Even gets the kids involved.

Put all the rain boots your children have outgrown to good use with this super fun garden project! The bootstraps create perfect hanging planters.

Simple and Joyful: Garden Musing: Childrens Garden

Love this but would want it tall enough for everyone to walk under. - Simple and Joyful: Garden Musing: Childrens Garden- check out the soon to be covered in vines "tunnel".love this idea

Simple Outdoor Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 25 Pics - Like these Garden Chairs with a Difference ! - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at

Upcycle old tires into stools / grass planters. I would consider doing this if my yard was concrete and needed more green. (How does one mow stools?

cute idea

DIY - Off the Wall Suspended Gardens Looks simple enough, right? A couple of terra-cotta pots, spray paint, flower pot hangers and some wood screws.boom, a suspended garden. Isn't it a lovely look? Maybe on the backyard side of the front fence?

Plastic 2-liter bottles used in vertical garden; Simple and awesome!

14 benefits of vertical gardens

Great for the gardener who wants to save space, vertical gardens serve many purposes.

collect 2 liter bottles and have a children's "garden", one bottle for each child. They can decorate as they please then proudly display and water. This will also teach them responsibility and SHOW them what they can do with a seed and some care

Hanging Recycled Bottle Garden grow veggies, fresh greens and herbs! See more ideas like this by clicking the link or image at Happy House & Garden!

bee hotel {wudwerx}

(Bee hotel: these are easy to make and attract beneficial insects into your garden). This link is for a cute Etsy shop that sells these bee houses.


squaredoor: image: Where to grow your insect army, a solitary bee house? Gaurdian article in defense of the solitary bee, who are vital pollinators and whose future is jeopardised by many of the same problems as the honey bee❤️

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