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Let's Cuddle and Watch Anime T-shirts, Hoodies,

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Male version of Hooters

reichiru: “ listengirlfriends: “ When it comes to objectification, this is a great example of why comparing male strip clubs to Hooters is a “false equivalent.” ” The worst part is I missed the point.

In the Legally a woman couldn’t shatterpath: “ hedwig-dordt: “ drst: “ gehayi: “ galacticdrift: “ spikesjojo: “

Creepy, Disturbing, and Scary: the fuck did I just read?

Read Crazy Facts from the story Creepy, Disturbing, and Scary: Facts and Stories by (Audreytheviolinist) with reads. creepy, s.

Well i guess u r bad at hiding people that u have killed unlike me i am good at finding hiding places

Disregard the "this kid should be my son/daughter comment. Ugh people always trying to convince themselves that they are bad-asses 😒🙄