Cool interior design with dark colours for the Gentleman's studio!

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Can I please have a moment of silence.take a deep breath, exhale.and check out the matte black molding detail in the first 3 photos. It is so unbelievably beautiful I want to cry. The other spac

"My one caveat is that if you use dark colours in a small space, you really need to up the number of lights. In my small hallway alone I have 5!"

5 reasons to go dark in the hallway

Create infinity by blurring the lines between walls, ceiling, radiators etc.

5 reasons to go dark in the hallway

Fabulous Foyers

JD note - Interesting railing as a bold design element. Contemporary modern rustic metal lanterns hung with thick rope. The Hillside House by SB Architects

Sr Gambrel • gray wood paneled walls                                                                                                                                                                                 More

10+ Dark Spaces That Will Make You Rethink Those White Walls

gray living room/Paint skirtings, dado, and cornice in the same colour as the wall. When using a dark colour like this room by Steven Gambrel, the effect is sharp and modern.

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Window pane glass walls- makes for a clean and neat look while creating a sense of transparency. For home office

We're not all lucky enough to have such an amazing hall, but wooden flooring is still a great option for smaller abodes.

Dark and light. Love the dark charcoal walls contrasting against the light wood flooring and spectacular full height windows. What a hallway!

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