Bill Brandt The rule of thirds in this photograph makes the image look very interesting. All three sections of the image show a great deal of texture, highlighted by the black and white effect.

Bill Brandt // Ear on the Beach, 1957 // Seaford, East Sussex Coast, UK

Bill Brandt

My take on the iconic Bill Brandt image. It looks the same now as it did in 1937 though the air is probably a bit cleaner now.

Bill Brandt - London, 1937 From The Photography of Bill Brandt

luzfosca: Bill Brandt,London, 1937 From The Photography of Bill Brandt

Photo: Bill Brandt. Belgravia, 1951.

Belgravia, Londres, 1951 by Bill Brandt An influential British photographer and photojournalist known for his high-contrast images of British society and his distorted nudes and landscapes.

Max Ernst, 1963 by Bill Brandt

Max Ernst, 1963 Bill Brandt Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

Here is a photo by Bill Brandt called 'copper' I like this photo as it is so mysterious and dark. I find it mysterious and dark because it makes me wonder why a policemen is down what looks like a threatening ally way just standing there.

Policeman in a Bermondsey Alley, 1938 Bill Brandt and white

Bill Brandt

One of my favourite and inspiration Photographers- BILL BRANDT Grand Union canal, Paddington branch, Bill Brandt These buildings still exist and are on the Harrow Road.

Bill Brandt

by Bill Brandt Early morning on the River, London Bridge, 1936

Bill Brandt - the elimination of the head and limbs, and exaggeration of the spine gives an interesting perspective on the human body. Yes Bill, you go gurl~

Nude, East Sussex Coast, July 1977 by Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt black and white photography

liquidnight: “Bill Brandt Shad Thames, 1939 From The Photography of Bill Brandt ”

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