I like this photojoiner because the subject stand out, and it adds to an interesting composition.

<p>In this beautiful mixed-media collages project, Swedish based artist Anastasia Savinova try to identify the differences and similarities between places of habitation. Travelling around cities and countries, she take pictures of buildings, sneakily looking through windows, going to local shops, flea markets and bars to watch everyday life of each cities – all this helps […]</p>

Anastasia Savinova’s Architecture Collages

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Large scale architectural collages by Anastasia Savinova. Each collage is meant…

porcelain city

porcelain city architectural objects - unglazed porcelain sculptures for desk or shelf - Ceramic clay houses by Artisanie Europe on Etsy, kr

Large Scale Surreal Architectural Collages By Anastasia Savinova

Large Scale Surreal Architectural Collages By Anastasia Savinova

Artist Anastasia Savinova travels the world and takes a little piece of each place with her and creates photographic, house-shaped collages.

City Collages: Artist creates beautiful collages to study different cities and their architecture | Creative Boom

anastasia savinova's series of collages, 'genius loci', sees large dwellings composed of many different buildings typical to a particular city or country.

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