vintage poster

Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Underground; by Mary Koop, 1925 . but in other ways they were endearingly realistic, and are just as relevant today as they would have been when originally published. This 1925 poster shows a throng of summer sales shoppe

Mark Powell - doodling on envelopes. Stunning.

Mark Powell Drawing on antique envelopes, I like the symbolism of drawing older faces on old envelopes, echoing their age and experiences and journeys. Captivating and emotive!

Constellation, detail

Found vintage photos sewn together into hanging tapestries by Lisa Kokin **Network/Connectivity**

Rosie James textile designer - I admire her highly textural, embroidered juxtapositions and the variety of colour tones, layers of imagery and patterns. An intriguing, complimentary contrast is evoked.

Rosie James textile designer -highly textural, embroidered juxtapositions, variety of color tones, layers of imagery, and patterns.

Antony Gormley

British Contemporary Art

“Sound ii,” Antony Gormley (British, b. Lead sculpture in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral, 1986

David Bushell |

David Bushell The Past could be shown by layering all objects found in a particular place into one photo to show progression and change as time continues.

Photographs, Illustration, Embroidery, Inspiration, Final Major, Project, Fashion, Student

Free motion embroidery: Love the contrast between, and overlap of, applique figures with thread-sketched figures .

Enjoy Soul Music coke style poster

I enjoy soul music of today, yesterday & yesteryears.