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T-Rex Tiny Arms. Poor Dino D:. oh my, thats funny! Yeah, and you ab-so-lu-tel-ly NEVER saw this anywhere else before right? take my red pinkie bro dinosaur t rex happy fuuuuuu

I would have put my book down

Roseanne: "You two ARE having sex!" Darlene: "Really? David why didn't you tell me? I would have put my book down." The original one!


Grumpy Cat - Roses are red. Violets are red. Tulips are red. Bushes are red. Trees are red. I set your garden on fire. - Oh Grumpy, the garden was probably already dead.

IM not sure either

ALL THREE! After I have sex I can punch you in the face and then I will sleep like a baby! Yup for sure!