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Cute Humorous Minions quotes 2016 (08:52:52 PM, Saturday 06, February 2016 PST) – 10 pics

Minion awareness Status, smack upside the head. See my Minions pins…

Atlanta Funny Minions (11:34:41 AM, Monday 04, July 2016) – 29 pics

Atlanta Funny Minions AM, Monday July – 29 pics P.S: more of a funny fact to laugh at than a serious life hack or fact. Still a fact!

Top 30 Funniest Despicable Me Minions Quotes |

Whenever im sad, you’re there. Whenever im having problems you are always there. Whenever my life seems out of control, you are always there. Let’s face it. You are bad luck.

Funniest Minion Quotes Of The Week

My voice sounds great when I'm singing with my earphones on, then I take them off and I realize I sound like a dying walrus.

minion food quotes - Google Search

girl movie minion, Calories are the little bastards that get together at nigh in your closet and sew your clothes tighter, My closet is infested with the little shits , Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 64 Pics

Top 40 Minions Quotes #Pics

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics I picked 3 added 32 got 35 x 2 got 70 - 1 I got 69 ~ read the end lmao .I ike the lights on thank you very much!