Hand sewn..... cash?   By artist Lauren DiCioccio.

Hand-sewn cash from all over the world. - the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.

thank you bag (hand embroidery on textile by  Lauren di DiCioccio)

Lauren DiCioccio

evian bottle hand embroidery on organza

Lauren Dicioccio evian bottle 2009 hand embroidery on organza

Lauren DiCioccio embroidered art. Fashion illustration.

For her "Sewnnews" series, San Francisco-based artist Lauren DiCioccio hand embroiders photos she finds in newspapers, using cotton muslin and a needle.

Lauren DiCioccio  Hand-embroidered on organza

lauren dicioccio, 'thank you' bag (flourescent pink) , hand-embroidered organza, 2009