Blue and white love round 2 - The Enchanted Home

pair of Chinoiserie lamps and ginger jars on top of and underneath the dining room sideboard

Dresser filled with Collection of Blue & White Porcerlain

Aiken House & Gardens: Blue & White Transferware Cupboard add cup holders to a hutch

Love a hutch filled with blue and white transfer ware!

i have the blue and red calico felicity patterns. they make me happy every time i open my cabinets!

Just Plain C O U N T R Y / Bridgewater & Cobble

♥ ~ ♥ Blue and White ♥ ~ ♥ Emma Bridgewater Collection blue canisters

Blue and white- Botticelli House...Instagram

Love ok thr first time i have ever seen more blue/white in one place. I thouht i held the record. Just fabbbbbb.

Pinterest Pretties...Blue and White! - The Enchanted Home

Furlow-Gatewood ~ from the book 'One Man's Folly. Modern dhurrie rug, French candlelabra, plethora of B&W. Really like an American version of English country.