Cute Dutch-door cottage

Christmas garden if the shed wasn't cute enough with that adorable dutch door and that little window tucked up under the eaves.they had to christmas it up. afraid i'd spend waaaaay too much time just hanging out in the garden shed.

enclosed front patio ideas for small homes - Google Search

Love the dutch door and ledge for house plants. enclosed front patio ideas for small homes -

Dutch door, sidelites, transom - the width of this entry is amazing! AND I have ALWAYS wanted a Dutch door on my house.

Dutch Door in an entry: During warm weather months, the top door can stay open to admit breezes. A transom and sidelights frame the door for a formal look and to stretch the entry from wall to wall. ~ love the windows around the door.


Craftsman Style

black dutch door, storage under stairs

Neat floor and door. The addition has a separate entry with stairs to the second-floor family room. Built-in cabinets and drawers under the stairs provide space for storage and house a sound system. Shiplap siding and a brick floor keep the space casual.

Dutch Door with light transom Kathryn M Ireland - Summers in France

Dutch Door - Kathryn M Ireland - Summers in France at La Castellane in southwest France - via Vicki Archer