Ingenious: a DIY lego keyholder.

DIY Lego Key Holder

DIY - make key locating fun . Use Legos to make this key holder and kids' keys can each have a different color Lego!

Miniature bookshelf necklace.

A teeny-tiny bookshelf necklace. It's like saying, "Hi, I'm a book nerd" but saying it quietly.and I'm totally a book nerd.

Nintendo Cartridge Earings

Nintendo Cartridge Earings

Nintendo Cartridge earrings are the accessory that lets your mates know that you’re a child of the and These earrings, in the exact shape of cartridges featuring Super Mario Brothers 2 and are each less than an inch wide.

LEGO Man Ice Cubes

LEGO Man Ice Cubes

Chill your drinks with some frozen LEGO men. This ice cube tray will make some cute ice cubes for you. Make 8 ice cube men at once. Or even use this mold to make candy.

Flash drive made from vintage Robin LEGO figure

Clever flash drives upcycled from your favorite childhood toys, from Sesame Street to superheroes!


Great Gifts and Volume Pacifier at Perpetual Kid. Not in the mood to rock out to the world's loudest baby? Our Chill, Baby Volume Pacifier is the perfect nois

Rubik’s Cube Coasters

The Rubiks cube coasters are designed to protect your tables and other surfaces from hot temperatures and let you have some fun. These 6 coasters can be used separately or to form 1 Rubik's Cube.

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Chocolate Bar iPhone 5 Case

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Chocolate Bar iPhone 5 Case

Ball Glass Jar Inspired iPhone 5 / Case By Case Envy (Hard Silicone Rubber Case) Case Envy

Binary Love Keyring

Computer Code Keychains --- I love you, you big nerd. There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who know binary and those who don't.

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