Staffordshire mugs Pic from the blog, Seeds and Stitches.

I love this coffee cup collection- I just started my own ,but it's tiny and not as cute yet ☕️ 620 80 1

All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange -

Cadbury Wildlife Bar Wrappers I loved these! I had completely forgotten about them until now as well! To think I was mocking people for keeping the crisp packets with spice girls on but you couldn't get me to part with one of these!

Supermousse, never waited long enough for them to defrost. They were rock hard and powdery when eaten straight from the freezer.

Super mousse, kind of ice cream meets moose. A popular treat.

Transfers. It was such a treat to get a transfer. There were so many things you could do with them.

It was such a treat to get a transfer set like this, they would come in all sorts of themes for boys and girls. You had to rub over the transfer with a pencil and peel back the plastic sheet, sometime a little get would get left behind.

Milky bar kid.

How the Milkybar kid became a drunk... and a showjumper, a musician and a gardener. We find the stars who rode into the sunset

The milky bar kid is strong and tough.the creamiest milk, the whitest bar.that's milky bar (went something like that!

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Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - Complete Series NEW PAL Cult 14-DVD Set Australia

Anglo bubbly bubble gum. Large, hard bubble gums with an acquired taste. Never could blow a bubble!//mar16

I❤80s 🕹 on

Large, hard bubble gums with an acquired taste. Never could blow a

Cadbury Vending Machines. Fruit & Nut. Whole Nut. Photo by Sam Tait / GoldScotland71

Cadbury vending machines at the train station.the absolutely best chocolate. Cadburys Fruit and nut

The Magic Roundabout. i had zebedee pyjamas!!

The Magic Roundabout ~ 6 O'clock, just before the news, then bed.