Staffordshire mugs Pic from the blog, Seeds and Stitches.

Hipster Decor : I love this coffee cup collection- I just started my own but it's tiny and

All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange -

Cadbury Wildlife Bar Wrappers I loved these! I had completely forgotten about them until now as well! To think I was mocking people for keeping the crisp packets with spice girls on but you couldn't get me to part with one of these!

Transfers. It was such a treat to get a transfer. There were so many things you could do with them.

It was such a treat to get a transfer set like this, they would come in all sorts of themes for boys and girls. You had to rub over the transfer with a pencil and peel back the plastic sheet, sometime a little get would get left behind.

Milky bar kid.

How the Milkybar kid became a drunk... and a showjumper, a musician and a gardener. We find the stars who rode into the sunset

The milky bar kid is strong and tough.the creamiest milk, the whitest bar.that's milky bar (went something like that!

The Magic Roundabout. i had zebedee pyjamas!!

The Magic Roundabout ~ 6 O'clock, just before the news, then bed.

Anglo bubbly bubble gum. Large, hard bubble gums with an acquired taste. Never could blow a bubble!//mar16

I❤80s 🕹 on

Cadbury Vending Machines. Fruit & Nut. Whole Nut. Photo by Sam Tait / GoldScotland71

Cadbury vending machines at the train station.the absolutely best chocolate. Cadburys Fruit and nut

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Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - Complete Series NEW PAL Cult 14-DVD Set Australia