Good idea for a patio picnic table

Fold Up Picnic Table This is a such a genius idea, a fold up picnic table sort of like a Murphy bed.I like this for a patio idea. Weatherproof and fold up for winter.

Ribboned Wood Furniture - Yvette Cox's Florence Coffee Table was Created Using Steam Bending

100 Creative Coffee Tables

100 Creative Coffee Tables - From Spacecraft-Inspired Surfaces to Functional Origami-Like Furniture (CLUSTER)

100 Creative Coffee Tables

Multitouch Side Tables: The Cosmikart Digital Coffee Table Reuses an Old iBook

100 Dorm Furniture Pieces - These Back to School Designs Will Help Personalize & Decorate Your Dorm (TOPLIST)

100 Dorm Furniture Pieces

Picture of Work/Play TV Tray The humble TV tray, staple of TV-watching households everywhere, gets a makeover for the century.

Fantastic Jagged Furniture - Bersun Erturk's LOCT Coffee Table is Dynamic and Minimalist (GALLERY)

Fantastic Jagged Furniture

Award-winning Loct coffee table by Bersun Erturk at Belgravia Interiors.

100 Dynamic Desk Designs - These Modern Furnishings Are Available for the Back to School Season (TOPLIST)

100 Dynamic Desk Designs

The Top Storage Desk ignores traditional desk design and offers an offset removable drawer above the desktop.

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