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a wicker table with two chairs on it in front of some plants and bushes
Discover the Kuro lantern: our first-ever portable, solar-powered outdoor light.
An invaluable addition to any garden, balcony, or outdoor terrace, this contemporary lantern can be placed on tabletops to illuminate alfresco dining areas or positioned artfully along patios for atmospheric, low-level lighting. Available in two unique sizes, 250 and 450, Kuro features a rounded, comfortable handle so that you can reposition it according to your needs. Uncover the Kuro from our SS21 collection. #AstroLightingHome
Exterior wall light by Astro Home in a 19th Century Palazzo Bathroom Wall Light, Walled Garden, Turin Italy, Bathroom Wall Lights, Outdoor Dining Area, Natural Shades, Garden Wall, Glass Panels, Interior Lighting
Our Cabin Wall light as featured in this 19th Century palazzo renovated by Fabio Fantolino
Our Cabin Wall light in antique brass adds gentle interest to the outdoor dining area of Casa Mille, which lies within the grounds of a 19th Century palazzo once belonging to an Italian nobleman. Designed by architect Fabio Fantolino as a personal apartment, Casa Mille’s interior drew inspiration from the natural shades found in its walled garden while combining harsher hues that perfectly capture the metropolitan mood of Turin, Italy. #AstroLightingHome Photo: Giorgio Possenti
a room with a skylight and a rug on the floor in front of it
Astro Home Journal: Essential lighting for home offices by Amy Bradford
Home workspaces require a careful balance of overhead and task lighting so that you can work with a clear mind and unstrained eyes. Featured in this tranquil garden office by Pennington Phillips and Studio Milne, our Kos II spotlights emit a sufficient yet glare-free glow thanks to the recessed LED and are perfectly positioned to bathe the workspace below in illumination. Visit our website to read the feature in full. #AstroLightingHome
Astro Home Journal: The Making of Tacoma Scandinavian Ceiling Light, Scandinavian Ceiling, Interior Wall Light, Orb Pendant Light, Globe Wall Light, Double Wall Lights, Interior Wall Lights, Orb Chandelier, Astro Lighting
Astro Home Journal: The Making of Tacoma
Senior Designer, Riley Sanders, uncovers the inspiration behind our popular Tacoma design in his exclusive design notes on the Astro Home Journal. "The magic of Tacoma is its hugely versatile aesthetic, which hands you the design reigns. You can choose the combination that best suits your space or style." - Riley Sanders. Explore our Astro Home Journal to discover design inspiration for your home. #AstroLightingHome