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Athena Jones
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HAVE to make this vegan

Oh my! These Cinnamon Roll Pancakes look delish. There are directions for prep but not how to actually make them. I assume like regular pancakes but you swirl in the cinnamon on one side? I can do this with gluten free pancake mix :)

✔️ {Vanilla Chia Pudding} ---- My go to quick breakfast,put in freezer for 10 mins and it is ready to eat! Basic vanilla chia pudding recipe with your favourite toppings for no fuss healthy breakfast. Vegan and gluten free.

Vegan Nutella

Banana Nutella Quesadillas - cinnamon sugar tortillas filled with Nutella and banana slices (or could add strawberries, or could make with peanut butter instead of nutella, or peanut butter plus choco (Chocolate Banana Quesadilla)

So going to do this with some kind of refined sugar free caramely type thing.. date syrup maybe?

“ Fall Snack: Caramel Filled Apples “Cut the top of your apple off and set aside. Scoop out the body of the apple with a melon baller and fill with melted caramel or dipping sauce.