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a futuristic city on an island in the middle of the ocean with ships flying over it
'Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!' - Celebrating tomorrow's #BackToTheFuture Day! #BTTF2015
a poster with different types of lines on it
縦型ブラインドカーテン価格交渉送料無料オーダータチカワブラインドタテ型ブラインド遮光アジェントLD-4456~4458ラインドレープペアアンサンブル100mm カーペット edudemic.com
Learn more about the current #STEM landscape in this infographic.
a man with his mouth open standing in front of a computer screen that says atkins
Atkins - Inspiring the next generation of engineers
Atkins - Inspiring the next generation of engineers - YouTube
a man wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a window
View from the top: Advice from Professor Brian Cox
two people looking at a large lego model on a table with water and buildings in it
Lego lesson is awash with fun for pupils
How our engineers explained civil engineering to school pupils using a Lego model & lots of water
a woman is flying her graduation cap in the air with her hands up and holding a book
Angles – thought leadership and opinions from Atkins | 13 things I wish I knew when I graduated
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor with multiple objects on it
How to get a graduate engineering job with Atkins | The Engineer
How to get a #graduate #engineering job with Atkins
an old black and white drawing of people looking at trains
Inspirational #engineering pioneers - see who graduate engineer Sarah Farnfield picked...
a man with a beard and blue lanyard standing in front of a white wall
What's it really like to be... a civil engineering apprentice at Atkins?
What's it really like to be... a civil engineering #apprentice at Atkins? | Plotr
a person is drawing on paper with crayons
Atkins Short Film Competition winner: Rosebery School
In November 2014, during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, our STEM hub in Epsom invited local secondary schools and colleges to produce a short film on the importance of STEM. The prize for the winning video was £500 for the school. This was the winning film from Rosebery School in Epsom!
the instructions for how to make pinhole viewer
If you're in Europe, N/E Asia or N/W Africa, you might be lucky enough to see tomorrow's #SolarEclipse! Watch it safely with our pinhole viewer! #STEM #science #make #pinholeviewer
an image with the quote'the defence sector demands the highest level of technical innovation if the uk is to maintain its position as a world leader in this area,
The Systems Engineering Masters Level apprenticeship, led by our chairman Allan Cook and part of the UK Government's Apprenticeship Trailblazer programme, has been launched today. http://www.atkinsglobal.com/en-GB/media-centre/news-releases/2015/mar/2015-03-11
a man sitting in a chair talking to another man who is wearing a red tie
We all have a story to tell... That's why we brought together Atkins chairman (and former apprentice) Allan Cook, and Lewis Wade, a first-year #apprentice, to share their experiences. Watch Allan and Lewis in conversation... http://careers.atkinsglobal.com/atkinsmytime/atkinsmytime #NAW2015 #AtkinsMyTime
a green background with the words we have a responsibility to help move the world forward, and for us this includes providing the next generation
Earn while you learn... We're looking for #apprentices > http://www.atkinsglobal.co.uk/en-GB/media-centre/news-releases/2015/mar/2015-03-09c #NAW2015
three men in business attire are looking at something on the screen that says apprente vacancies are now open
Our #apprenticeship vacancies are now open! Apply now > http://careers.atkinsglobal.com/apprentices #NAW2015