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an airplane is flying over the water on a foggy day with no one in it
We restored the 10,000 acre Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware, US, to its original salt/brackish marsh state following damage by storms and rising sea levels. The refuge’s design now serves as a model for effective management of US coastal erosion from sea level rise. #projectoftheweek
an artist's rendering of the new airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - We've provided planning, engineering & architectural services for the long-term development of the airport, and in turn will help create "the most transformative project for New Orleans since the Superdome" (according to Mayor Mitch Landrieu). The development will serve as a gateway that combines the region’s unique colonial past with its cosmopolitan present, supporting the emergence of New Orleans as a destination city.
a large cargo ship floating in the ocean next to another boat on top of it
Last year we completed work designing an innovative subsea oil storage tank on the 40 million barrel Solan field west of Shetland, in the UK. The tank is constructed from 10,000 tonnes of steel – more than in the Eiffel Tower! #projectoftheweek
an aerial view of a bridge over a canyon
Five years ago today the Hoover Dam Bypass opened, providing greater public safety by alleviating a long-standing, dangerous bottleneck and eliminating the potential security threat of general traffic on the dam. #projectoftheweek
cars parked in front of an airport terminal at night with lights shining on the building
Dubai International Airport
We were commissioned to create a holistic strategy for landside transport operations at Dubai International Airport to address anticipated future demand over the next 10 years. #projectoftheweek
a white bridge over a grassy field with trees
Bridge Across Funder Aadal
We helped create a new motorway bridge across Funder Ådal in Denmark, the largest onshore bridge in the country. The bridge will help ease congestion, making drivers’ journeys easier and safer. #projectoftheweek
many people are walking around in a large room with high ceilings and glass windows on the ceiling
Birmingham New Street Station
This week saw the opening of Birmingham New Street station, marking the culmination of one of the biggest station refurbishments in Europe! The redesigned station provides a vibrant, spacious and bright transport hub for the people of Birmingham to be proud of. #projectoftheweek
a group of cars driving down a race track with the words your singapore on it
Singapore Grand Prix
Faithful+Gould is the official project manager for delivery of the Singapore Grand Prix #projectoftheweek
a group of people sitting in front of a building with green and yellow designs on it
Lime Tree Primary Academy
Lime Tree brings not only much needed additional school places for Manchester, but a new way of learning that blends indoor and outdoor teaching in new and exciting ways. Over half of the curriculum is delivered outdoors. #projectoftheweek
a woman in an orange jacket holding a sign
When a tollway connecting the Atlanta metropolitan area paid off - providing economic growth along the corridor and repaying its bond - we helped the state fulfil its promise to commuters and decommissioned the toll plaza. #ProjectOfTheWeek
an advertisement for a hotel in the middle of the ocean with a large triangular shaped building
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Back in 1997, we completed design and engineering of the wave-shaped five-star Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which sits proudly alongside our other iconic projects in Dubai – the sail-shaped Burj al Arab and the Wild Wadi Waterpark! #ProjectOfTheWeek
an aerial view of a large city with tall buildings and boats in the water below
Central Reclamation Phase III - The final phase of reclamation in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong will provide land for essential transport infrastructure and allow it to be developed into a world-class waterfront. #ProjectoftheWeek
three people are walking down the road near a small lake and bridge with water in it
We helped transform the Royal Canal in County Dublin, Ireland, creating a beautiful and ecologically-sensitive greenway route dedicated to walkers and cyclists. #projectoftheweek
We developed improvements to the Potomac Water Filtration Plant, enhancing water quality and increasing supply of drinking water for over 1.6 million people in Maryland. #projectoftheweek
Potomac Water Filtration Plant Improvements
We developed improvements to the Potomac Water Filtration Plant, enhancing water quality and increasing supply of drinking water for over 1.6 million people in Maryland. #projectoftheweek
a river running through a lush green park next to a tall building with a crane on top
The London 2012 Olympic Park - one of our most memorable projects - 3 years old already! #ProjectoftheWeek