Energy Efficient Technology For Your Home

With the looming effects of climate change, people are now turning to energy-efficient technology to mitigate the environmental crisis. See some of the best…
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It can be challenging to find sustainable and green furniture for your home. Time and time again, companies use materials with chemicals that can be harmful or do not sustainably source their materials. Learn more on our site now! Furniture Shops, Green Products, Time And Time Again, Green Furniture, Sustainable Furniture, Energy Efficient, Furniture Shop, Online Furniture, Chemicals
Furnish Your Home With These 18 Sustainable Furniture Shops
It can be challenging to find sustainable and green furniture for your home. Time and time again, companies use materials with chemicals that can be harmful or do not sustainably source their materials. Learn more on our site now!
a pool with palm trees and the words cool roofs in california breaking down the requirementss
Cool Roofs In California: Breaking Down The Requirements
Cool roofs are becoming increasingly popular in energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. For many people, a heat-reflective roof is an excellent investment that can reduce cooling costs. Learn more on our site now.
an electric bill sitting on top of papers with the title 15 reasons why your electric bill is so high
15 Reasons Why Your Electric Bill Is So High
You can't control the rate you pay for electricity. But you can control the amount of electricity you use. Here are 15 ways to save on your electric bill! Learn more in our site now.
the cover of eco - friendly windows 12 ways to improve eco - frindness
Eco-Friendly Windows: 12 Ways To Improve Eco-Friendliness
Windows are a vital component in any residential space. They allow the property's interior to receive natural light from outside while shielding it from weather elements. Learn more in our site.
a green roof on top of a building with the words what are cool roofs made of?
What Are Cool Roofs Made Of? (The Most Efficient Materials)
Cool roofing isn't an entirely new concept. Scientists have assessed materials that can lower thermal emittance and solar reflectance for countless years. In fact, the very first "cool roof" material was introduced in California more than two decades ago! This article will explore some of the most efficient materials available on the market from which cool roofs are made. Learn more in our site now.
a house on top of a measuring tape with the words how to make heat without electricity or fire
How To Make Heat Without Electricity Or Fire (6 Methods)
More than one billion people live without electricity, which raises many questions about what they do in extreme heat and cold. For example, how do they stay warm in the colder months? Whether you are currently living without electricity or just looking for thrifty ways to save on your bill this winter, there are a few methods for staying warm without electricity or fires. Learn more in our site now.
an energy saving ceiling fan is shown with the words pros and cons on it
Energy-Saving Ceiling Fans: Pros And Cons
Even though many of us love summer, it brings one huge drawback—the increased use of fans and air conditioning, which results in higher electricity bills. This article will take a deeper look at what energy-saving ceiling fans are and if they are actually worth your money. Learn more in our site now.
a person holding a hose with the words best and most affordable eco - friendly refrigerants
The 11 Best & Most Affordable Eco-Friendly Refrigerants
Refrigerants play a vital role in helping refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning units, and fire suppression systems function. Unfortunately, these chemical compounds were known to be damaging to the environment in the past. However, modern versions of refrigerants are designed to be more eco-friendly. To learn more about this, check out our site.
an electric stove with the words can an electric stove run on solar panels?
Can An Electric Stove Run On Solar Panels? (Setup Guide)
Thanks to the available solar panel rebates, tax credits, and the increasingly competitive prices, solar energy is becoming the primary energy source for more and more homeowners. Given the rapidly increasing popularity of solar energy, a common question for homeowners is whether solar panels can run electric stoves. Learn more in our site now.
a white brick wall with the words types of energy efficient wall construction which is best?
Types Of Energy-Efficient Wall Construction: Which Is Best?
How your walls are constructed helps determine how efficient your home is. What are the top methods of energy-efficient wall construction, and how do they work? Learn more in our site now!
what does a home greywater system cost? and 7 components to buy for it
What Does A Home Greywater System Cost? (+7 Components To Buy)
With the cost of water and sewerage rising, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their water usage. One way to do this is to install a greywater system. So how much does a typical greywater system cost, and what components do you need to buy? Read the full article in our site now.
a person reaching into an open refrigerator door with the words how much power does an rv fridge? is it cheap?
How Much Power Does An RV Fridge Use? (Is It Cheaper?)
Among the several benefits of RV travel is having all the modern conveniences of home with you while you're on the go. Keeping perishable food items cold and safe in an RV fridge is a real luxury while camping and traveling. To have a smooth trip, you need a reliable fridge. It's essential to know your RV fridge's wattage. To read the full article, go to our website now!
a dishwasher with the words is hand - washing dishes better?
Dishwasher Water Usage: Is Hand-Washing Dishes Better?
You might be wondering if handwashing dishes are water efficient, especially with the rise of dishwashers in the market. Well, know the answer in this blog post now!