Humidity In Your Home

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What Does A Home Dehumidifier Do (How They Work)?
Some dehumidifiers share a lot in common with AC units and heat pumps. In this article, we look at the benefits of a home dehumidifier, how they work and more. Learn more on our site now!
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Does Adding A Home Dehumidifier Help The A/C Work Less?
Humid air can feel muggy and too hot. Running a dehumidifier alongside your home's air conditioning might seem like a good idea, but can it really help your A/C to work less? We find out. Learn more on our site now.
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Home Humidity – The 3 Best Affordable DIY Tools To Measure It
Home humidity is a serious issue. If the air in your home is too humid or too dry, you can experience discomfort and even ill health. But how can you measure humidity without splashing out on expensive kit? We reveal all in this article. Learn more in our site now.
a heater with the words how to correctly size your home dehumidifier
How To Correctly Size Your Home Dehumidifier (With Chart)
Dehumidifiers come in various sizes, from a twenty-pint capacity to a seventy-pint capacity. The capacity tells you the maximum amount of water you can expect the dehumidifier to collect from the air in a single day. Choosing the right size of dehumidifier for your space is an essential part of purchasing one. Learn more in our site now.
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Ductless Mini-Splits And Dehumidifying: Are They Effective?
Ductless mini-splits are popular because they don't require much remodeling. However, their rapid temperature fluctuations and adjustments make many people wonder if they can affect the moisture content. Learn more in our site now.
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Dehumidifying Your Home By Too Much: Is It Even Possible?
High humidity can cause health problems and can even damage the fabric of your home. Dehumidifying can be achieved using dehumidifiers, but can you go too far? We find out. Learn the answer in our site now.
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Allergies And Home Dehumidifiers: Are They Helpful To Alleviate?
Allergies can be caused by particles in the air such as mold spores, pollen and dust mites. In this article, we investigate the beneficial effects of home dehumidifiers on allergy symptoms. Learn more in our site now.
a person holding a fan with the words how ervs and hrv's effect humidity do they dehumidify?
How ERVs And HRVs Affect Humidity (Do They Dehumidify?)
A good ventilation system should optimize the humidity level present in the indoor air. During the hot and humid summers, it should extract some humidity from the indoor air while infusing it with more humidity during the cold and dry winters. Learn more in our site now.
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Average Home Humidity Levels By 9 Climate Zones (With Chart)
Which climate zone you live in can have a big impact on home humidity levels. But which zones have the highest humidity levels? We find out in this article. Check it out in the site now!
air purifiers can they dehumidify your home and improve comfort?
Air Purifiers: Can They Dehumidify Your Home And Improve Comfort?
Indoor air quality is critically important for the health of you and your family. We look at how you can keep the air you breathe contaminant free and at an optimal humidity level using a combination of air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Learn more in our site now!
an air conditioner with the words is a humidifier better than an air conditioner?
Is A Humidifier Better Than An Air Conditioner? (Energy & ROI)
In summer, you have several home cooling options, including a humidifier, air cooler, air conditioner, and dehumidifier. Of these, people tend to go with a humidifier and air conditioner. Learn the answer in our site now.
an air conditioner with the words does your air conditioner also dehumidify if so, how?
Does Your Air Conditioner Also Dehumidify? (If So, How?)
When you think of humidity, you probably also think of heat; after all, they tend to go hand in hand. That said, most people who live in those high-humidity areas depend on their air conditioners. It's been said that air conditioners dehumidify the air as they run—but is it true? Read more in our site now.
a room with mold on the walls and a yellow air conditioner next to it that says, will a dehumidifer protect you against mold?
Will A Dehumidifier Protect You Against Mold? (Key Points)
It's a common question on many homeowners' minds: will a dehumidifier solve my mold problem? The answer, as with most things in life, is complicated. To know the answer, check out the whole article in our site.
a woman is opening the water in her dishwasher with text overlay that reads how clean is the water in your dehumifier? can you drink?
How Clean Is The Water In Your Dehumidifier: Can You Drink?
The water removed from the air by a dehumidifier is collected in a tank, which must be emptied regularly. There are several things that you could use this water for, but is drinking it one of them? Read this article to find out. Check the whole article in our site now.
a ceiling fan with the words do regular fans at home help to dehumidify?
Do Regular Fans At Home Help To Dehumidify? – Capable Of Moving Air
We all know that muggy feeling when the humidity is too high on a hot day. There are ways to reduce humidity in the home, but can running regular fans help to dehumidify your living areas? We investigate in this article. Learn more in our site now.