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three rows of concrete with the words for comfort and savings written on them
For Comfort And Savings: Do You Insulate Your Crawl Space?
According to home-buying and selling resource HomeLight, approximately 27 million homes in the United States have crawl spaces. If your home is among them, then you might wonder whether it’s worth insulating the crawl space. Is this something you should do? Learn more on our site now!
a bed with the words how much does an insulation save in money and energy?
How Much Does Insulation Save In Money (And Energy)?
Discovering that your home is uninsulated or insufficiently insulated creates a conundrum. Do you continue living as you have or should you put forth the money needed to get your home properly insulated? How much does insulation even save you in both money and energy? Learn more on our site now!
a brick wall with the words what is thermal foam insulation? should you consider it?
What Is Thermal Foam Insulation? (Should You Consider It?)
The choice of available insulation types is enormous these days, and each one seems to have its unique benefits and disadvantages. One of the least-known types of insulation is foam insulation. Unfortunately, when it comes to foam, it seems that most people haven't even heard of it, never mind knowing what it is and its benefits. Learn more on our site now!
what is rim joist insulation and what is the purpose?
What Is Rim Joist Insulation (What Is The Purpose)?
Rim joist insulation is sometimes overlooked in construction projects, but it is critical for keeping your home warm and cozy. In this article, we look at the different options for installing rim joist insulation and the pros and cons of each type. Learn more on our site now.
an air duct installation with the words problems you might run into on top of it
Air Duct Insulation: 4 Problems You Might Run Into
Air ducts are one of the essential components of your HVAC system. Even when the design and installation are done relatively well, a lack of proper air duct insulation can lead to a host of unexpected issues. Learn more in our site.
the best insulation for solar ovens energy and money saver book cover is shown
Best Insulation For Solar Ovens (Energy & Money Saved)
Did you know that the most crucial part of a solar oven is insulation? Without proper insulation, the heat will escape, and you won't be able to cook your food properly. There are many different types, but reflective insulation is one of the best because it helps keep the heat inside the oven where it belongs. Learn more in our site now.
a man laying on the ground in front of a crawlling hole with text overlaying it
Insulating Crawl Space Ceilings: Is The Efficiency Worth It?
Energy conservation is one of the requirements for a sustainable home. Unfortunately, most homes with crawl spaces lose energy from hot and cool air through these spaces. Insulating crawl space ceilings is one way to combat this energy loss and save money on heating and cooling bills. Learn more in our site now.
a white couch sitting next to a wall with the words should we insulate interior walls for comfort and efficiency?
Should We Insulate Interior Walls For Comfort And Efficiency?
In this article, we explain why you might want to insulate interior walls as well as what’s required by code, and what different insulation options are out there. Learn more in our site now.
an image of how to blow in attic insulation on your own 9 diy steps
How To Blow In Attic Insulation On Your Own (9 DIY Steps)
Blown-in attic insulation effectively improves your home's energy efficiency and saves on heating costs. While it may seem daunting, it's a simple enough process to do on your own. Learn more in our site now.
an image of the inside of a house being remodeled with text that reads can you remove old spray foam insulation?
Can You Remove Old Spray Foam Insulation? (A How To Guide)
Spray foam insulation is relatively easy to apply. It's designed to last several years, sometimes multiple decades. However, some homeowners want to remove this form of insulation to replace it with foam batts, boards, and other materials. You might be curious if you can remove this long-lasting, durable spray insulation from your home. Learn more in our site now.
a house with a red hat on top of it and the words home insulation are there energy - efficient tax credits?
Home Insulation: Are There Energy-Efficient Tax Credits?
Installing efficient home insulation can be expensive. High-quality ones usually cost more. Thus, the initial cost of laying attic insulation can be enough to make people ask: is there any financial help out there to help with insulation costs? If you are also wondering about the answer, then check out our article now.
how to remove old cellulose insulation in 4 steps - step guide for homeowners
How To Remove Old Cellulose Insulation (4 Steps)
Cellulose insulation is a safe, effective, and affordable way to add insulation to your home. When it's new, it's an excellent insulator, but eventually, it breaks down and becomes inefficient. If you've lived in your home for some time, the cellulose insulation has likely become compacted and may need to be removed. Learn more in our site now.
a man is working on insulation in an attic with the words can you get free home insulation?
Can You Get Free Home Insulation?
If your energy bills are preventing you from making energy-efficiency home improvements, you might be eligible for free home insulation and other upgrades. Learn more in our site now.
cellulose versus fiberglass insulation the heavy weight matchup book cover with text overlay
Cellulose Vs. Fiberglass Insulation: The Heavyweight Matchup
Cellulose and fiberglass insulation are two of the most common and cost-effective types of insulation. Homeowners across the United States use both types of insulation to protect their homes from thermal penetration.