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Build a net-zero house. A new home or renovation that is sustainable and has renewable energy to power the house. Download our free guide to help you save up to…
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an aerial view of houses with the words how much does building a net - zero home cost? 10 states
How Much Does Building A Net-Zero Home Cost? (10 States)
Despite popular belief, net-zero housing doesn't cost a fortune. On, the contrary, you wind up saving more than you spend if you consider the money you save on utility bills. Learn more on our site now!
the words passive house pros and cons worth it?
Passive House Pros & Cons Worth It???
Passive house is designed to use and convert solar energy. During winter, they use solar energy to warm the house; during summer, they cool down all indoor spaces. However, as with anything else, passive homes come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The following sections will explain the pros and cons in depth. We’ll also dive into some other important factors you should consider if you’re interested in building a passive house.
a barn with the text 6 passive solar homes in cold climates
6 Passive Solar Homes In Cold Climates
With modern homes designed with enhanced energy efficiency, passive solar homes are becoming more popular in cold climates. Houses with pass solar design have better building form and retain more of the sun’s natural heat. So, how are passive solar homes designed? This article will discuss how passive solar homes are designed and provide real examples to outline the benefits of these design strategies in colder climates.
a wooden table sitting in front of a window with the words passive solar house design what is it?
Passive Solar House Design - What Is It?
Passive solar house design uses a home’s structure and layout to collect, store, and distribute heat with minimal reliance on electricity to warm or cool the interior. Passive solar homes don’t need the installation of active solar panels. Instead, it’s a way to reduce the need for robust heating or cooling systems.
a door with a sign that says energy efficient doors what are they worth it?
Energy Efficient Doors - What Are They? Worth It?
There are many things to think about when building or renovating a home. Yet one thing you might not consider much is your energy efficient doors. Believe it or not, your door can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency. This post will cover the pros and cons of energy efficient front doors to help determine whether they are worth it for your home. We’ll also explain how to select the best energy efficient doors for you and test if your current door is energy efficient.
a man holding up a wooden door with the words top energy efficient doors you can buy
4 Top Energy Efficient Doors You Can Buy Right Now
Energy efficient doors can help you save on your electricity bills by reducing your heat consumption and ensuring that you stay warm inside your home. This article will suggest some standouts among the most energy efficient doors. We’ll also discuss the factors you should consider before purchasing Energy Star-certified models.
wood flooring energy and cost with the words eco wood flooring energy and cost
Eco Wood Flooring - Energy & Costs
Learn the truth about eco wood flooring before you make any decision if you are one of many people who wonder if wood flooring is eco.
the top passive solar house plans sites with text overlay that reads, 7 top passive solar house plans sites
Passive Solar House Plans - 7 Top Sites
The best site to get your passive solar house plans is The Plan Collection, which contains an entire host of home blueprints and straightforward pricing. Other sites include Sun Plans, Sunlight Homes, and Passive Design. Of course, hundreds of sites are out there for planning your perfect solar home, but today we’ll cover the best passive solar house plans sites I’ve found.
an image of a stone wall with the words icf wall 9 benefits
ICF Wall 9 Benefits
This article will take a deeper look at what ICF walls are and the benefits of using them. Insulated concrete forms wall stands out for several characteristics, including its comfort and superior quality compared to more conventional building techniques.
a sign that says top eco outlets of container house california with palm tree in front
Container House California - 10 Top Builders
We’ve scoured the ‘net and compiled a list of the top ten shipping container house California builders for your convenience. Today, we will check out these California shipping container home builders and what they are famous for. We will also look at how they make shipping container homes in California sustainable architectural success, so read on.
the top buildings of shipping container homes in new york are featured on this postcard
Shipping Container Homes New York - 7 Top Builders
Continue reading to discover more about these great, shipping container homes New York builders. Then, we’ll discuss what makes these shipping container homes New York builders worth considering and what to look for when hiring someone to build your home.
the words 4 grey water uses and benefits on top of dirt with grass in the background
Grey Water 4 Uses & Benefits
Recently, we have been looking at ways to reuse water from our showers, sinks, and laundry in a process known as grey water reuse, and we know that many people worldwide are doing the same. It’s great that more of us are exploring ways to reuse grey water rather than simply allowing it to drain back into the environment. Throughout this article, I will go over the benefits of grey water in several circumstances and discuss a few simple ways you can start collecting grey water at home.
a house with the words top eco builders of ontario homes
Ontario Homes - 12 Top Eco Builders
Our extensive research of green builders of Ontario homes led us to whittle down a list of the top twelve companies standing head and shoulders above the rest.
a sign that says top eco builder of new york homes in front of a house
New York Homes - 6 Top Eco Builders
Make sure to check out our list of green builders of New York homes and the following additional benefits of green homes.
the words top eco buildings of florida homes are in front of an image of surfboards
Florida Homes - 21 Top Eco Builders
Who are the best green builders of Florida homes? We’ve made a list of all the net-zero, green-built, and sustainable builders of Florida homes.