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nine mug shots of the same man in different prison uniforms and haircuts, from left to right
Rock star criminals
a living room filled with furniture and a plant
Hamptons Magazine Feature | Charlotte Moss
Charlotte Moss
two women sitting on a couch kissing each other with flowers in the corner behind them
Marlene Dietrich e Edith Piaf
Marlene Dietrich e Edith Piaf
two women are posing for the camera and one is wearing a dress with sheer fabric
Scandalous Dresses That Made People Lose It
47 Scandalous Dresses That Made People Lose It
a woman wearing a mask with her eyes closed
RetroSuperFuture: Pierre Cardin
Visions of Paradise: RetroSuperFuture: Pierre Cardin
an old black and white photo of a woman leaning against a wall with her arm outstretched
EJ Bellocq and the Storyville prostitutes
I think this is one of the most delicate looking Storyville photographs, imho. Link is to a site with a large portion of Bellocq's photos of Storyville Girls.
black and white photograph of woman in fur coat talking on cell phone with man standing behind her
Marilyn Monroe
two women standing next to each other in black and white
Janis Joplin and Johnny winter
a woman sitting on top of a window sill with her legs crossed and the words, nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belie that she is beautiful
The Indomitable Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
an older man wearing white gloves and holding his hands up to his face with the eyes closed
Face, face, I give face, beauty face!
Andre Courreges
iwatch Exercises, Smart Watch, Apple Watch, 10 Things, Exercise, Activities, Visionary
a black and white photo of a woman with her hands on her face, posing for the camera
RIP Joan Rivers