Prepare your skin for Midsummer with our luxury kit Aloe Fleur de Jouvence. It´s a skin care program that contains day lotion, night crème, cleanser, rehydrating toner and components for a face mask. Aloe is the base in all products, and in this skin care kit you´ll also find allantoin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. The products also work for sensitive skin.

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Have you discovered Forever's flouride free toothgel yet? Forever Bright Toothgel contains both Aloe Vera and propolis, which cleans and gently polish your teeth. Last year we sold 300 000 tubes. 660 kilometers of toothgel! That's enough to make a "toothgel highway" from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Why don't you try it too?

Tip of the week This week's product tip is from Jill Whyatt: "Forever Bright Toothgel is ideal for cleaning stains from glass. Try using a small amount on a damp cloth to clean glass shower screens and tiles.

Having a lazy day? Treat yourself to a spa experience at home. Start off with a lovely scrub in the shower, or if you have a bathtub, with Forever Aloe Scrub. After washing your hair and body, do your own deep conditioner for your hair by mixing one avocado with some mayonnaise. Leave in for 20 minutes. Meanwhile you put Forever Marine Mask on. Afterwards it's lovely to put some Aloe Lotion all over your body and face. Et voilà!

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Sunshine with aloe vera gel :)

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Ferrari :)

Ferrari :)