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Ravelry: Argyle Vest pattern by Patons

(Receita gratuita) Ravelry: Argyle Vest pattern by Patons

Homemade toilet bowl cleaner -- by far, the most and easiest one I have found. We are almost out of store-bought cleaner, and I'm adding the stuff I don't have to my grocery list right now!

Homemade toilet bowl cleaner cup baking soda cup water tsp castille soap with tea tree (Alternatively you can use regular castille soap and then add a few drops of tea tree oil) Large measuring cup or bowl with a spout Condiment squirt bottle Spoon

how to clean an iron with vinegar, cleaning tips, Before and after

Drench a paper towel in vinegar and lay the iron on it for a good five minutes, then start rubbing again, more and more crud will come off. Now place the baking soda on the drenched paper towel, place the iron on top of it and start ironing.

Let me just layer on the guilt here.

"Did you know you can wash your pillows? It's pretty easy but there are a few things to keep in mind." Oh, for the love of Pete. Of COURSE I wash pillows!

Neaten the last stitch of your bind-off on flat knitting - such a simple idea what a difference it can make

Neaten the Last Stitch of your Bind-Off: Step-by-Step Instructions @ Knit Freedom

Teddy Bear Lovey Security Blanket crochet pattern on Ravelry

Ravelry: Teddy Bear Baby Security Blanket Lovey Comforter Blankie Toy Easy Crochet Pattern pattern by Peach