A dwarf wall, clad in Scyon 'Stria', now frames the bed and screens the walk-in wardrobe behind.

Total transformation: Hamptons-style haven

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20 Quartos com Closet - Veja Dicas e Ideias!

In linea. Servono almeno 350 cm di sviluppo lineare per un’organizzazione funzionale del guardaroba. Non sono comunque tanti, ma diventa indispensabile sfruttare completamente l’altezza.

I like this closet layout. Would like for the bathroom entry to be on the left side also with a pocket door or no door at all. Would like there to be enough room in the closet for shelving units to be on the opposite side of the clothes rack.

As someone who's been through the New York City real estate wringer, there's a particular episode of Sex and the City that's burned on my brain: the one where Carrie thinks she's going to be kicked out of her (rent-controlled) apartment, so she goes looking, and can only find places with teeny closets

So You Need a Little Extra Shoe Storage...

Interior designer Michelle Smith ingeniously turned a shallow, unused living room closet into a place to store (and display) her shoes; to keep her collection under control, she limits herself to the number of pairs that will fit the space