Fleurs de carottes

Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut- Ths one uses thin but dark lines and passtell colours. It looks through contour lines and the colour is evenly spread.

Luli Sanchez - cyanotype block blues

Luli Sanchez - cyanotype block blues (artist and printed textile designer )

Gustave Baumann - "Dandelions" Baumann produced color woodcuts, paintings, furniture, sculpture, toys--he even wrote and acted in plays. :) His woodcuts, of course, are what put him on the map. The ultimate craftsman, his hands controlled every aspect of his craft: the carving of the blocks, the mixing of the inks and the printing of the blocks.

(Tares, woodblock print by Gustave Baumann, German-born American artist and puppeteer)


Sherrie York : Relief Printmaker And then Jeff stopped to visit. Linocut, Edition of 6 Image size x