Light sculptures

Artist Barry Underwood photographs wonderfully mysterious light installations that he installs on-site in forests, mountainsides, or near lakes and rivers. Here: "Ferns (for Francesca)", 2012

Scott Hazard

Raleigh-based artist and landscape architect Scott Hazard uses carefully layered photographs to create delicately torn concentric shapes symbolizing plumes of smoke, clouds, and mysterious portals in walls.

Shae Detar - hand painted photography prints.

Shae Detar is a photographer/artist based in NY. Shae began painting on photos as a teenager in the

Flip book..

fliptography™: dance, get freaky, sign, kiss your date—whatever—in front of a camera for seven seconds. in a minute and a half, have a flipbook of your performance in-hand.

Swbastiaan Bremer - hand painted photographs

Photo by Sebastiaan Bremer. Large Schoener Goetterfunken I, 'A loving father must dwell' (Muss ein leiber Vater wohnen) Acrylic and Inks on C Print

Real and imaginary - beautiful blend of ink and photography "Miroir" series by Fabienne Rivory

Miroir by Fabienne Rivory

Mirrored black and white photographs, with brightly-hued watercolor paint. ---from a 2013 series, titled Miroir, by Paris based artist Fabienne Rivory.

New small photography publishing project

Aglu publishes pocket photobooks and photographs that will hopefully take your breath away.