I like this image because it is a full building that is covered in the artwork. This will have been taken from another building that is high enough to get a shit like this with a wide angle lens. I also like this image because you can see the shade on the side of the building.

Artscape Street Art Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden 2016

alan kitching – nt poster.. I think that somehow.. because its done by hand letterpress easily lends itself to thinking much more about the composition and colour.. to me anyway

Hindu swamis find the colour orange significant, this is commonly thought to be connected to the idea that orange symbolises fire. The monks wear the orange robes in their pursuit of enlightenment.

Ben Eine

Feature: Dabs Myla in Conversation with EINE

by: Ben Eine ~ Brillant

"Brilliant" mural by Ben Eine, located at and Santa Fe in Denver CO

Bread Collective's ace visuals for Batersea Power Station's summer cinema

The Power of Summer: Bread Collective’s identity for Battersea outdoor cinema

Ben Eine "We Rock Hardest" New Mural San Francisco - StreetArtNews

Ben Eine "We Rock Hardest" New Mural San Francisco

Ben Eine "We Rock Hardest" New Mural San Francisco - StreetArtNews

Parsnip - Alan Kitching - Debut Art

ALAN KITCHING RDI AGI HFRCAAlan Kitchingis one of the world’s foremost practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking. Alan Kitchingis renowned for his expressive use of wood and.

Bread Collective — London typographic mural

The Walls Have Ears Mural bread collective bread collective in Signage