Technically this is of Dark Phoenix from X-Men, but the image reminds me of Wynter, from the long hair and black bodysuit to the phoenix beside her.

Dark Phoenix by Maryneim Dark Phoenix in Fenix Dark, Marvel Comics 66 Comments

One of over 100 Thorus Rocket Pod Terminus ports leading into Grand Central, Big Junction (Mars, Corporate Era).

Inspiration for the Symmzinnati Central Subsystem of the Xenoglaux fictional world. It is a world where Cincinnati DID finish that subway to become one of the finest in the world.

Jeff Bridges would make an awesome Nolan.

Great Performances

When I think of his movie roles in True Grit and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges makes me picture Uncle Chaz Mackenzie, the grouchy, rough and edgy character in GRAVE MAKER BLUES .Great portrait of Jeff Bridges.


"We're all freaks, we're just the ones dangerous enough for them to notice." Bellamy Kellan and Fallon Orion. Any good ship names with that?

High Speed 2 (HS2) train

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