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MORE OTP AUS/PROMPTS---- what about a <meet and greet at one of my concerts and you were a crazed fan but i was drawn to you> au

And they get frustrated when the other person acts in a way that clashes with their sign

There is already a book similar to has a planet for each zodiac, but the love law doesn't exist and it is a fight against a banished other zodiac not a is called Zodiac by Romina Russell

Story idea number the next one

soulmate au's Imagine someone's sick of their soulmate's eye color when they meet them. Then they reject the soulmate. Until they realize that they miss the color because they don't see that exact color again

This is funny cuz for some people it's not an au

AU <<< First one is Destiel (don't ask me why, just Dean and showers.) 5 and 6 are Sabriel, 4 and 7 are Adamandriel.

A simple and satisfying enjnoyment the small things.

18 Feels Only Fangirls Feel - A simple and satisfying enjoyment the small things.

Honestly, one of my favorite things in life are hand written letters. I don't even know why but I've always wanted a penpal.