Shot in 1956, American Abstract Expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler (1928- 2011) in her studio, for "LIFE" magazine. Photographed by Gordon Parks. via the Guardian

Helen Frankenthaler obituary

I love these stunning photographs of Helen Frankenthaler amongst her paintings in her New York City studio. Photographed by Gordon Parks for LIFE magazine ca. And here she is at work, photographed by Ernst Haas in her studio in 1969

in 1996, tracey emin lived in a locked room in a gallery for fourteen days, with nothing but a lot of empty canvases and art materials, in an attempt to reconcile herself with paintings. viewed through a series of wide-angle lenses embedded in the walls, emin could be watched, stark naked, shaking off her painting demons.

Revelations in art. morganmeaker: Tracey Emin, ‘Life Model Goes Mad’, 1996

Tracey Emin, Young British Artist (YBA), whose work examines topics such as rape and abortion, and celebrates female relationships.

She is part of the group known as Britartists or YBAs (Young British Artists).

Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas to represent UK at 2015 Venice Biennale Image: Sarah Lucas, Self Portrait with Fried Eggs, 1996

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