Zoella is a perfect human being because she thinks shes so regular but she& actually amazing xoxox

Zoella on

Miranda sings, Zoella, ThatcherJoe, sprinkle of glitter, Tyler Oakley>>>>>>excuse me but did you just call her Mirandasings? It's Colleen Evans for gods sake!

Should've Gone To Specsavers (Zoella

T-Shirt - American Apparel Skirt - American Apparel Wedges - Primark Bracelet - Lola & Grace Watch - Michael Kors Rose Gold Belt - American Apparel Nail Polish - Essie "Bikini So Teeny" Lipstick - Rimmel "Kate Moss - Hello Everyone!

Zoe Sugg playing as herself in my Harry Styles Fanfiction: Can't Say Away.

43 Braids From Instagram to You Will Want to Copy ASAP

Zoe, Tanya, Niomi

zoe sugg, tanya burr & niomi smart all their figures & faces are beautiful in every single way♡

Louise, Tanya, Zoe and Naomi! the first thing i noticed was there lip sticks lol

SOOO Adorableeee Louise "Sprinkle of Glitter" and "Sprinkle of Chatter"

Emilia Tommasina Saccone Joly she's adorable! The cutest baby girl ever!

((OPEN RP, NICK)) I walk out of my cabin, my hands awkward in the pockets of my jeans. I look down at my feet, not wanting to look up into the eyes of people, when I bump into someone.