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four brightly colored sugar skulls sitting on top of a wooden table
25 Easy Day of the Dead DIY Projects
25 Easy Day of the Dead DIY Projects
Painted pumpkin
Painting pumpkins in the studio with @rosiehbfrench
a drawing of a pumpkin and flowers
Pumpkin colour in print out
Art work by @rosiehbfrench
two pieces of art made out of wood and wire on an orange surface with spider webs
Woolly Webs
Spider webs using driftwood and wool for halloween
the instructions for how to make a spider from woolly spider webcams and wires
Woolly Spiders for halloween
an advertisement for pumpkin window decoration
How to make a halloween pumpkin window decoration
Create a stained glass effect using tissue paper. A simple kids craft for halloween
a paper cut out of a jack - o'- lantern hanging from a window
Pumpkin window decoration
Using tissue paper and black sugar paper to create an effective window decoration for halloween. Cut out the segments seperatley and overlap them to create these effect. A great halloween craft for children
a bat flying in the sky with bats around it
Bat colour-in picture
halloween coloring pages for kids with cats and pumpkins on the front, and an adult cat
Halloween Colouring-in : cat and pumpkin
Printable Pdf on our website for you to colour in. Pumpkin and a friendly cat! (c) Helen Manley Support Awenek Studio CIC: community art Hub paypal.me/awenekstudio. Many thanks
two pieces of art made out of wood and wire on an orange surface with spider webs
Halloween crafts: woolly webs
Use wool and driftwood or sticks... here's a couple different ways to create spider webs.
an origami halloween hat with bats on it
Tissue paper lantern
Tie a bundle of fairy lights in it and carry it for your after-dark Halloween walk. A fun children's craft activity with lots of messy PVA fun ;) !
two painted pumpkins sitting next to each other on top of hay covered flooring
Painted Pumpkins
We used acrylic paint to create this scene on our pumpkin
scissors cut out the silhouettes of houses and trees for halloween crafting with construction paper
Jam Jar Lantern for Halloween
An easy halloween or winter craft for children using basic and recyled materials.
an advertisement with images of people and their shadows
How to make a halloween themed jam-jar lantern
Here's our step-by-step guide for Halloween lanterns using a jam jar, baking paper and black sugar paper. Use a LED candle fairy lights inside. If you enjoy our guides and ideas and can afford to support Awenek - a communit art hub in Cornwall please do: paypal.me/awenekstudio Visit our website for more ideas and events
a glass jar with paper cut out of it
Jam Jar Lantern
A simple Halloween craft for children, make safe by using LED candle or a bundled up string of fairy lights.