Martin Parr's iconic photographs depict classic British scenes. In his work he captures a fleeting moment, making it eternal. Sophie Hulme's charms take the same approach, taking objects which are everyday, and seemingly disposable, and making them into keepsakes, and memory markers.

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Jurmula, Latvia, 1999. Photograph: ©Martin Parr / Magnum

Martin Parr: how to take better holiday photographs

"Most family photo albums are a form of propaganda, where the family looks perfect and everyone is smiling: we try to create fabrications about who we are. " the wonderful Martin Parr

Les Non-Conformistes Martin Parr / Éditions Textuel Parution le 16 octobre   Martin Parr a 23 ans lorsqu’avec sa compagne Susie Mitchel – sa future épouse – ils entament en 1975 un long compagnonnage avec les habitants de Hebden Bridge, petite ville du Yorkshire.

Photos for Martin Parr. photo 857390 Anniversary tea, Steep Lane Baptist Chapel from The Non-Conformists, photo 857391 Congregation making their way to t.