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Every week we highlight five Axisweb artists or Art Professionals as the ones to watch. Covering locations, crafts, mediums and practice.

Pocket plaster, x 10 x cm Photo: Michael Brzezinski Concept, Distortion, Pocket, Contemporary, Plaster, Genetics, Crosses, Fabric, Joy

Pocket 28, 2013 | Helen Barff | Axisweb

plaster, 9.5 x 10 x 5.5 cm

Deep Space Moolog, 2016 by Kirsty E Smith.  #Five2Watch: Fabric Including clothing, genetics and time, the idea of 'fabric' crosses many disciplines and artforms. We select five artists who deal with these concepts, featuring Joy C Martindale, Maria McKinney, Rhiannon Lowe, Kirsty E Smith and Helen Barff Drawing Practice, Deep Space, Genetics, Crosses, Joy, Concept, Artists, World, Drawings

Kirsty E. Smith | Axisweb

We live in a constant dialogue between memory and our experiences of the present. Kirsty E Smith’s practice draws on a passion for architecture and the optimism of Futurism.As humans we have a fundamental need to make sense of the world and our place in it. Our experiences come into the brain in a vast flow of neural impulses from the eye, the ear, the tongue, skin and so on. Smith’s intention is to create work which resonates on a deeply emotive level and which acts as a vehicle to…

exhibition install shots of 'john cale made me a woman' at Arcade Cardiff, Sept 2016 Genetics, Crosses, Lowes, Joy, Artists, Woman, Fabric, Clothing, Tejido

john cale made me a woman | Rhiannon Lowe | Axisweb

exhibition install shots of 'john cale made me a woman' at Arcade Cardiff, Sept 2016

Maria McKinney, Sire, included in ‘Somewhere in Between’ Wellcome Collection, 8 March – 27 August Courtesy: © the artist Corn Dolly, Wellcome Collection, Dairy Cattle, 8th Of March, September, Arts Award, Plant Species, Contemporary Art, The Past

Sire | Maria McKinney | Axisweb

In pre-Christian Europe humans annually performed a custom that is considered by some as an attempt to influence the future behavior of nature. Part of this practice involved making a corn dolly, an object made through the intricate handcraft of binding straw with the final sheaf of that year’s crop. Kept safe through the winter months this figurine was then deliberately destroyed the following year as the new seed was being sewn. This doll has since become a symbol of fertility, both of the…

Here and Now (photographic image) Elements Of Nature, Here And Now, Nature Tree, Fabric Scraps, Genetics, Crosses, Joy, Artists, Clothing

Here and Now (photographic image) | Joy C Martindale | Axisweb

Here and Now was created in Kingsdown Wood in Kent on August 31st 2016. The bundles hanging from the branches of the tree were made from scraps of fabric and other materials collected from the beach, over the course of a year, close by to Kingsdown in the area of Oldstairs Bay. In making this work I have sought out an engagement with particular key elements of nature (trees and the sea and its shoreline), which give me a sense of ‘hereness’, of being present in my immediate surroundings in a…

Victoria Malcolm, Emily: Megasketcher portrait, 2014 #TheBigDraw Nintendo Consoles, Victoria, Portrait, Men Portrait, Portraits

Victoria Malcolm, Emily: Megasketcher portrait, 2014 #TheBigDraw

Richard Shields, 'Prescription Glasses' , 2015 #TheBigDraw Glasses, Crafts, Eyewear, Eyeglasses, Manualidades, Handmade Crafts, Eye Glasses, Diy Crafts, Craft

Richard Shields, 'Prescription Glasses' , 2015 #TheBigDraw

Helen Parrott, Whiteley Woods stitch drawing, 2013 #TheBigDraw Stitch Drawing, Textile Art, Woods, Tattoos, Drawings, Artist, Crafts, Tatuajes, Manualidades

Helen Parrott, Whiteley Woods stitch drawing, 2013 #TheBigDraw

Gemma Coyle, Bernard and Sophie with their new home, 2010 Wooden Toys, New Homes, Car, Wooden Toy Plans, Wood Toys, Automobile, Woodworking Toys, Cars

Gemma Coyle, Bernard and Sophie with their new home, 2010 #MovingOn