Vanishing (Carole Brémaud); They faces are distorted and blank, giving the figures within the portraits/paintings a sense of anonymity and emotionless. This is a technique I will surely use within my work by using self portraits or portraits of loved ones yet using more intense colour and shapes to create an expressionist piece.

These very well dressed, mysterious men are the work of French artist Carole Brémaud This would be interesting to try and recreate as a photography collection

Maria Aparicio

Design Inspiration // Maria Aparicio… and friends. All of these pieces are collaborations with various photographers. They supply the stunning images, and she supplies the embroidery.


Overgrowth Overgrowth is a new and ongoing artistic collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina. Inspired by a pursuit of beauty, Riley combines classically.

Impermanence by Seung-Hwan Oh

In his series Impermanence, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates wonderfully distorted photographic portraits by growing emulsion-eating fungus on his film. Oh first allows the fungus to parti.

David Stern berelrodal

Thick and three dimensional texture is apparent in this artwork using oil sticks to create pockets of colour that remain unblended and symbolise the tone and colour in the image rather than form

Valentin Van Der Meulen

Valentin van der Meulen - Sans titre 07 - charcoal and black stone on paper - 146 x 97 cm - 2013

The Mind-Bending Distortions of Lucas Simoes

Cut-outs by Brazilian artist Lucas Chimello Simões. The cut-outs are made with many layers of the same photo. Some of them consist of up to 13 layers.

.@Sara Eriksson Eriksson Grée

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