The last Empress of China. Empress Wan Jung also known as Empress Wan Rong, Empress Xiao Ke Min and Empress Elizabeth, was the last Empress of China.

Louis Kahn

"Louis Kahn’s unbuilt Hurva Synagogue, as rendered by Kent Larsen for the book Unbuilt Masterworks, a collection of digital constructions of Kahn’s proposals." Without even knowing that this is a synagogue, this immediately looks very peaceful and calm.

Black-Foot-and-wife-Crow-1873 by Suzee Que, via Flickr

Long Horse, Black Foot (aka Sits In The Middle Of The Land), White Calf - Crow - /Such a beautiful photo, such handsome, regal looking men EL.

Taiwan ChinPaoSan Necropolis - Steven Holl

Designed by Steven Holl Architects. with date Images by Steven Holl Architects. Steven Holl Architects’ schematic design for the Taiwan ChinPaoSan Necropolis has been approved.

Sleek Samurai Editorials

Sleek Samurai Editorials

Benjamin Lennox Sleek Samurai Editorials - The Flair Italia Caught Inside Photoshoot Displays Asian Styles (GALLERY)

Ethel Granger ~ The smallest waist in history!

Ethel Granger of England had the smallest waist size in modern times for a woman of normal stature, In this photo from her measurements were She had a pierced nose, which must have been very unusual in the This just freaks me out!

Comme des Garçons | Fall 2009

See all the accessories, jewelry, shoes, purses, and more detail photos from the Comme des Garçons Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear fashion show.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development & fabric manipulation samples; fashion portfolio // Jasmin Ferguson

LCF "DISGUISE" portfolio project

Check images in website, documenting work

IFA Paris 2012 Graduation Photoshoot - Paris & Shanghai

Sculpted Textures Volume - mixed embellished and dimensional patterned fabric surfaces with structure // student fashion design, IFA Paris 2012