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Self explanatory. Banksy.

Street art logo war The Blade of Saturn. 'Nike impaling a child', street art, graffiti art.

you may paint over me, but I will still be here

street art / graffiti: you may paint over me, but I will still be here!

by Camilio Matiz, Colombia, 2015 (LP)

by Camilio Matiz, Colombia, 2015 (LP) Neon Lights Light Up Sign Message to New Generation Typography Warning Hipster Art Installation

What most of us settle for ?

Home Sweet Home derelict room interior. Spray painted lamp, television set and fish tank. Occupied (watercolor on paper, by Jason Rowles. Click the image to read more about Jason, who's featured in Watercolor Artist magazine.

1043957_540364296000626_1185728308_n.jpg (320×320)

I think this portrays media and politics in a very simple way. The television for example, has a lot of power when it comes to how society view things

I should do this! And I can write bible verses on the back(:

What a great idea, on the back of each word I would put a Bible verse and hang it up any where there is a bulletin board and give someone encouragement :) -Take inspiration for children's ideas