"Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus... Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners." - William Shakespeare; Othello

"The first time I saw a body bend that way, I realized that we're more beautiful dead than alive, with bloodied flesh removed. Your ribcage ripped away and I saw why they say beauty comes from the inside." Daydreamer by huebucket

Enrico Ferrarini

Born July 1987 Modena (IT). Venturi - Modena IT, Ceramic section / Academy of Fine Arts - Firenze IT, Sculpture section / Akademie der Bildenden Kunst - München GER /.

Skeleton Art

mydarkenedeyes: “ Jeremy Young - Life’s Deadly Disease ”

Marilyn Monroe art - half face / half skull

Two of my favorite things - zombies and Marilyn Monroe. I love vintage, classic beauty and femininity, but I also love zombies and things that are more "edgy." The juxtaposition of the two show that your style and taste do not have to be limited.

carne griffiths art - Google Search

Portraiture and floral works in ink and tea on paper by Carne Griffiths United Kingdom