People In Montreal Are Playing On Light-Filled Seesaws This Winter

Impulse is a new public art installation comprised of 30 completely illuminated seesaws and a series of video-projections on nearby building facades. When the seesaws are used they “activate” and begin to emit tones resulting in various musical harmonies.

BD Landscape Architects designed the 'play element' of Camden's Emmanuel Primary School.

The recently completed redevelopment of West Hampstead Emmanuel Primary School is the culmination of a long-held dream for many involved in the scheme.

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A map of the best contemporary landscape architecture projects from around the world.

Melis Stokepark by Carve Landscape Architecture in The Hague, Netherlands

Melis Stokepark

Located in the Hague, Netherlands, Carve designed this park for children with disabilities. From their website: "Because at first glance no 'special' featu

Shrewsbury International School “Play Field

Shrewsbury International School “Play Field” for Kindergarten Children, by Shma Designs, in Bangkok, Thailand.


This year's Young Architects Program winner for MoMA's Warm Up is--drum role please: Solid Objectives and Idenburg Liu's Pole Dance.


net by design collective numen consists of multiple flexible net layers suspended in air. The flat layers of the net are subsequently connected to one another on counterpoints forming a “floating landscape” open for visitors to climb in and explore.

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