Fire can be so beautiful, and nothing beats a nice fire on a cold winter's day.

DANCING FLAMES Fire can be so beautiful, and nothing beats a nice fire on a cold winter's day.

Model of the Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London may have been extinguished in 1666 but it was reignited on Friday at a Seven Kings school.

This one makes me sad. Enjoy every moment in life. It only comes once.

picture in picture

Dear Photograph has a simple premise: Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present. Each snapshot is a return to these singular moments in time, casting a knowing wink to favorite memories. Via: Dear Photograph


Laurence Demaison - French photographer Laurence Demaison sometimes combines black and white photos with her own drawing, generating a ghostly finished product. There is no digital process. It's all real film; nothing is Photoshopped. Demaison achieves he

Dear Photograph...  Revisit the places memorable photos were taken and take a…

Dearphotograph website - love the concept - put an old picture in front of the current setting, and snap a new picture. This one was: "Dear Photograph, I wish we could say goodbye to Grandad just one more time. Love, Marsie and Josie

Stefan Zsaitsits’s Manic Drawings of Children’s Tales Gone Awry | Hi-Fructose Magazine

Graphite Portraits of People Inconvenienced by Objects and Thoughts by Stefan Zsaitsits portraits illustration drawing

Drawings of Christina Mrozik - Talented artist Christina Mrozik from Michigan, USA has magical hands that will leave everyone stunned once they saw her outstanding drawing and ideas.

Astonishing Drawings of Christina Mrozik

[exposition] Dominique Goblet, Prix de l’ÉESI 2010, du 27 (...)

[exposition] Dominique Goblet, Prix de l’ÉESI du 27 (.