'Swan Lake' (date not specified) by Laura Harris. Dimensions, materials, location not specified. Mosaic. Contemporary artist. // Technical details provided by artist in her Melonhead Gallery (www.melonheadgall...) text: The artist uses a direct method of application whereas each piece of tesserae (en.wikipedia.org/...) is permanently adhe...

Bicycle Gears, Glass, Tile & MS? – Mosaic Artist – Laura Harris – Fits Fragments Together Beautifully Creating A New Passion – Dousman, Wisconsin

WRD: Ten of Cogs by *Winneganfake on deviantART

The Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Long thought lost in the annals of history and urban legend, this simple deck of playing cards has long been thought to be . WRD: Ten of Cogs

'The Extra Gear: the role of management & leadership in boosting…

FENCE: Cog pattern, like corduroys, emblematic of the industrial revolution could be used for a fence pattern idea, or even a gate.

Google Image Result for http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/540784/540784,1319820539,1/stock-photo-human-brain-intelligence-grunge-machine-medical-symbol-with-old-texture-made-of-cogs-and-gears-87586072.jpg

stock photo : Human brain intelligence grunge machine medical symbol with old texture made of cogs and gears representing strategy and psychological mental neurological activity.

Wanderer - Wędrowiec - collage by finnabair, via Flickr

Artist's fantastic steampunk collages are made from electronic waste (Photos)

Artist's fantastic steampunk collages are made from electronic waste (Photos) : TreeHugger "As Dabrowska explains, her work is a blend of "industrial art, cyberpunk art, or artistic upcycling – with a bit of spiritual feeling.

mosaic with gears - Laura Harris

Ashima by Laura Harris - Beautiful Mosaics Made of Gears, Watches, and Keys