Printed Dojo avatars with extras attached.  Kids would dig having options to add clipart "gear" of the sorts of things that appeal to them (sports equipment, favorite toys, pets, etc.).

I love Dojo, love this idea. Print and display students' Dojo avatars. Every time they reach another 100 points, add a 100 point bubble to the avatar.

Toy museum classroom display

Toy museum classroom display- create an animal museum for "animal unit" as part of summative

Teddy Toy Shop roleplay area from Bushra.

A super Teddy Toy Shop classroom role-play area photo contribution. Great ideas for your classroom!

easy to change art gallery for your kids growing collection!

Could this be turned into a display for student work at school? Hang clipboards by those hooks that you can take off easily? Clipboards on the wall to display kids art. Could be really cute with scrapbook paper decoupaged on clipboards