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Free motion embroidery: Love the contrast between, and overlap of, applique figures with thread-sketched figures .

Maggie Ayres - Mixed Media and Textile Artist

unique artworks using light, colour and texture: artist maggie ayers

Rosie James.

Rosie James is a textile artist that creates interesting works, with mix of drawings, screen- printing, embroideries and material applica.

Maggie Ayres

Maggie Ayres - I love the way the fibres of mulberry bark can be manipulated. The shapes formed by the pulling apart I find quite inspirational.

Studies of the foetus in the womb - Leonardo da Vinci

Fetus in Utero Credit: The Royal Collection (c) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Leonardo da Vinci's sketches of a fetus in the womb, made between 1510 and

Nigel Cheney interview: Manipulate, construct, embellish

Nigel Cheney: 'Telling Stories', Crawford College of Art, March 2012

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