Bacchanalia RB

Bacchanalia RB
Batley / Retailer of cookshop, china, glass, giftware and much more, based in Redbrick Mill Batley Ground Floor, Redbrick Mill, Bradford Road, Batley, WF17 6JF
Bacchanalia RB
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Lamp Berger diffuser

Make your own Lampe Berger Oil. Add drops of your favorite scented fragrance oil to of Isopropyl alcohol.


Deep South Dish: Creole Smothered Swiss Steak - Cube steaks or tenderized round steak in a nicely seasoned Creole sauce of tomatoes, onions and peppers with rosemary and thyme - and a secret ingredient!


The marinade for the steak is a unique blend of sweet, salty, and savory. It won't overpower the natural steak flavors but rather it enhances them.