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Broken Tambourine is the first official single from Muzz via Matador. Muzz being a new project of Paul Banks (Interpol), Josh Kaufman (producer/multi-instrumentalist and one third of Bonny Light Ho… Neil Young, Julian Plenti, Paul Banks, Banks Singer, Alternative Rock Songs, Fleet Foxes, Indie Scene, Live Rock, Live Band


Broken Tambourine is the first official single from Muzz via Matador. Muzz being a new project of Paul Banks (Interpol), Josh Kaufman (producer/multi-instrumentalist and one third of Bonny Light Ho…

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Album review: Chad VanGaalen – ‘The World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener’: an excellent, multifaceted curio of psych and fun

YOU’VE gotta love Chad VanGaalen, the Albertan singer-songwriter who completely follows his own muse, sees the world his own goddam way, thank you very much; and who’s been delighting those of us in the know for a decade and a half now. He first emerged blinking into the musical sunlight with his Infiniheart album for ...

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Say Psych: Album Review: The Underground Youth – The Falling

The Underground Youth, a Manchester-born, Berlin-based group, led by Craig Dyer, release their tenth LP The Falling this week via Fuzz Club Records. The new album sees Craig and the band trade their acerbic post-punk melancholy for a more refined and stripped-back sound which enters the world of romantic, shadowy folk-noir. A marked departure from the ...

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Say Psych: Album Review: Urdog – Long Shadows 2003-2006

Long Shadows is a retrospective of Urdog, the work of a mercurial band whose music may have been summoned from fog and ghosts yet possesses considerable staying power beyond their brief time on the planet. “We were influenced by the horror of late-capitalism in general every day” says drummer and vocalist Erin Rosenthal, who first ...

Say Psych: Album Review: Mt. Mountain – Centre | Backseat Mafia Jam Songs, Rhythmic Pattern, Rock Sound, Psychedelic Rock, Song One, Centre, Album, Sayings, Mafia

Say Psych: Album Review: Mt. Mountain – Centre

Australian five-piece Mt. Mountain released their fourth LP last week, Centre, via London’s Fuzz Club Records. Hailing from Perth they delve into sprawling, motorik psychedelic rock sound that journeys between tranquil, drone-like meditations and raucous, full-throttle wig-outs that’ll blow your mind as much as your speakers. Taking cues from Krautrock pioneers like Neu! and Can ...

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Album Review: The Loved Drones – Conspiracy Dance

I confess I’d not heard of this Belgian psych-pop band before now but it’s immediately clear I’ve been missing out in a big way! The band’s improvised spaced-out style blends psychedelia, Krautrock and post punk but on this album a more song based skewed angular pop has been introduced to the mix. It begins with ...

Say Psych: Track Review: Alan Vega – Fist – Backseat Mafia Battle Cry, The Underdogs, Post Punk, Psych, Mafia, Track, Sayings, Runway, Lyrics

Say Psych: Track Review: Alan Vega – Fist

The Breakdown – 8.0 Iconic musician, poet and visual artist Alan Vega was an uncompromising visionary. His work proved informative in the invention of industrial, synth/post punk and his rousing lyrics were always a mirror of the times over the course of his six active decades. ‘Fist’ is taken from his forthcoming lost album Mutator, out 23 April ...

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Say Psych: Album Review: Cool Ghouls – At George’s Zoo

The Breakdown Some may not have heard of Cool Ghouls, but the tracks on At George’s Zoo have helped cement their place in psychedelia’s halls of fame, seamlessly blending old and new to create a timeless sound that lingers long after the record finishes. – 7.0 Cool Ghouls, a band fledged in San Francisco on ...

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Track: MF Tomlinson – ‘A Long Day’: London psych-folkster brings the flute-filled wonder to a tale of early mornings

MICHAEL TOMLINSON is the main man in the sorta-solo project MF Tomlinson, in which he plys a very neat line in indie folk/roots songcraft with a grainy bearhug of a voice. Australian by birth but based in London, Michael is about to release a six-track album, the rather lovely Strange Time. Quickly following his debut EP, Last ...

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Album review: DJINN’s ‘Transmission’ commands an increasingly colourful palette

Transmission perfectly commands an increasingly colourful palette, an enriching conduit to what could be termed DJINN’s equally chasmic sound

Premiere: Urdog release visuals to the space psych of ‘Eyelid of Moon’ | Backseat Mafia Robert Wyatt, Riot Grrrl, Long Shadow, Psych, Mafia, Things That Bounce, Musicals, Dj

Premiere: Urdog release visuals to the space psych of ‘Eyelid of Moon’

Urdog- a band whose lifespan may have been somewhat transient, yet whose mysterious, mercurial musical force perforated for eons- originally released and performed their mantric form of viscous, “spacey psych” in 2003 in their native Providence Rhode Island, before seeking other pursuits in 2006; guitarist/vocalist Dave Lifieri began a record store, organist/vocalist Jeff Knoch moved ...

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Track: Domkraft – Dawn Of Man

Swedish psychedelic doom band Domkraft have released the first single ‘Dawn of Man’ from their forthcoming third album ‘Seeds’, due 30th April via Magnetic Eye Records Domkraft comment: “The first single, ‘Dawn of Man’ from our forthcoming new album represents the sound of the physical rebuilding of human civilization”, Writes singer and bass player Martin Wegeland. “We need new places ...

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Say Psych: News: Tangerine Dream Share Track from Previously Unreleased ‘The Keep’ Soundtrack

Tangerine Dream are one of the true pioneers of electronic and ambient music, and the albums they recorded for Virgin Records between 1980 and 1983 remain classics of the genre. Tangerine Dream’s classic recordings for Virgin made between 1980 and 1983 are to be released in Purple Twilight – The Virgin recordings 1980 – ...

Soundtrack of Our Lives: New Bums’ Ben Chasny takes us for a musical trip – Backseat Mafia Your Music, New Music, Morton Feldman, Rocky Raccoon, Cop Out, Rainy Sunday, Most Played, Debut Album, Psych

Soundtrack of Our Lives: New Bums’ Ben Chasny takes us for a musical trip

NEW BUMS is the collaborative shore of of Six Organs of Admittance’s prolific psych voyager Ben Chasny and Donovan Quinn, of erstwhile Jagjaguwar psych-folk mainstays Skygreen Leopards. The duo first ventured into the world of recorded sound for Drag City six? Nope, seven years ago now, their debut album Voices In A Rented Room containing such raggedy lovelies as “Black Bough” and “Your Girlfriend ...

Say Psych: Track Review: Cult of Dom Keller – Last King of Hell | Backseat Mafia Psych, Mafia, Halloween Face Makeup, Track, King, Runway, Truck, Running, Track And Field

Say Psych: Track Review: Cult of Dom Keller – Last King of Hell

Cult of Dom Keller have today announced their fifth album They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O. and shared the first single, ‘Last King of Hell’. Since 2007 the UK group have been leaving a trail of sonic fever dreams, dark psychedelia and experimentalism that beats with a heavy industrial heart. Talking about the track, ...

Say Psych: Track Review: New Candys – Twin Mime | Backseat Mafia Popular Bands, The Last Song, Psych, Mafia, Touring, Twins, Track, Sayings, Runway

Say Psych: Track Review: New Candys – Twin Mime

New Candys have announced their new album Vyvyd will be released on 4 June via Little Cloud Records and Dischi Sotterranei and shared the first track ‘Twin Mime’. They explain: “It was the last song we wrote for the album. It plays with the meaning of duality, the connection between action and consequence, between who we really are ...