You don't know anyone's story. Warning: strong language, but this needs to be seen. So tired of people posting that same sorry stuff (on Facebook and everywhere else) about what people who are struggling should be allowed to have. Guess what? You can find an expensive purse at Goodwill, people receive things as gifts, some items are acquired before a job is lost, a spouse dies or leaves, etc. Does it make you feel better to make someone else feel bad? Less judging and more kindness, please.

If you think that poor people don't deserve nice things, you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. Everyone has the right to nice things and a good life.

This popular stir-up is the ultimate in kitchen recycling

Nigel Slater's classic bubble and squeak recipe

Notice that he said 'unions' and not the government or one of the for-profit political parties.

Strong voice for unions - "Bruce Springsteen says "Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country.

Jeremy Corbyn, 2015

Rog On The Left on

**~~ Rose Luxemburg ~~ **

Those who do not move do not notice their chains - What kids of chains do we place on ourselves? What kids of change do we let society place on us?

British Labour Party. 1945

A century of political posters from the provocative to the downright dishonest

Labour Party founder James Keir Hardie with his wife Lillie - UK - 1908

Labour Party founder James Keir Hardie with his wife Lillie - UK - 1908

Rezillos - (My Baby Does)

The Rezillos "My Baby Does Good Sculptures/Flying Saucer Attack" (US, Sire…

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee, KG, OM, CH, PC, FRS (3 January 1883 – 8 October 1967) was a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1951, and as the Leader of the Labour Party from 1935 to 1955.

Prime Minister Clement Attlee touring his constituency of Walthamstow West during the General Election campaign

Eddie with Ed Miliband at the 2010 Labour Party Conference

Eddie Izzard's plans to go from high heels to high office

He ran 43 marathons in 51 days, performs stand-up in French and blew up Hitler with Tom Cruise.

At the Labour party conference in Brighton in 1979 with then prime minister James Callaghan

Tony Benn: a life in pictures

Tony Benn at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, October 1979